Getting it right the first time

New York Magazine recently did a survey asking 100 brides what would be on their do over wish-list and the majority of brides had a few items that they would definitely change if given the chance. When looking over the info-graph it was quite depressing to see so much time, energy and money misused.

In Today’s world of Pinterest, Facebook, Insta-Gram, Twitter and every kind of wedding blog you can imagine the real importance of the wedding day can get lost in translation.

So before you reserve the venue and order the flowers, sit down with your fiancée and family and really nail  down what would  make you both the  Most happy on your wedding day. Be honest about the budget and be open to asking questions such as: What are some things we can do without? What are the memories we want to create for ourselves and our guest? How can we celebrate both families’ traditions seamlessly? What are the roles my family will happily take part in?

These are a few simple questions but can cause major issues and expenses if left to the last minute or never really answered.

So ask them.

Your wedding day is a day to pronounce, celebrate and enjoy the LOVE you have for each other so make sure the core values for this remarkable day is right from beginning to end.

Kay, xxoxox